My passion for playing the bass started many years ago when I discovered this low mumbling on Miles Davis' On The Corner. Since then I always managed to work with musicians who really like to create new music.

On this page I want to point out some of my work I really love:

In 2000 I have been working live and in the studio with Unga Unga again, starting collaboration with American poet and singer Svetlana Jovanovic. The styles of songs and poetry we did range from Avantgarde to HipHop. Listen to My Burden from this period.

With Svetlana I composed and produced What Is Going On, a piece of Poetry & Music.

And then there was always good R&B and Funk music in my life, like Queen Yahna and Mike Russell.

Today I still play improvised music but with a more modern twist. Go to ToolsAttack's website and check it out.
Reinhard Schubert
photo: © 1998, Simon Papaioannou

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